Wednesday, February 17, 2010

hair loss treatment for men

Hair Loss Treatment For Men - An Overview of Treatments Available For Men's Hair Loss
By Sam Hemmingway

If you think only women are concerned about looking young, you are mistaken. There are also a lot of men who want to preserve their youthful look. However, they have differences in terms of their ways in achieving such. Women for example give more focus on preserving their skin to look young. Men on the other hand pay more attention to their hair. Men give more attention to their hair because a lot of them suffer from thinning hair. You know very well that baldness, though not necessarily always a sign of old age, is more often than not associated with that. If you are now experiencing hair loss, here are common hair loss treatments for men that you can use.

The most commonly used hair loss treatment for men are chemical products or drugs. There are topical products that inhibit production of certain hormones that are said to stimulate hair loss. There are also growth stimulants that, as the name implies, promote hair growth. There are creams or topical solutions available that prevent a certain type of hormone from reaching the follicles. Lastly, there are anti-inflammatory treatments available. They prevent scalp inflammation that results to itching and flaking.

The next hair loss treatment for men is surgery. This is not as extensively used as the chemical products mentioned above but there is a considerable number of men who use it. There are different ways to do this. One is hair transplantation and the other is scalp reduction. In hair transplantation, hair is taken from the back and put in the front area. Scalp reduction on the other hand involves cutting away areas where there is baldness and stitching together the rest. Surgery is very expensive. You also need to be careful in choosing the surgeon who will do the procedure.

If medicines and surgical procedures are not your thing, you can also choose to go for natural hair loss treatment for men. One good example of this is massaging the scalp. People who suggest this treatment say that good blood circulation stimulate hair growth. Massaging does stimulate blood circulation. However, there are people who say that blood circulation does not have anything to do with hair growth so no amount of massaging would be fruitful.

Another natural way to treat hair loss is by using herbs. There is a long list of herbs that are believed to be useful in this regard but the most popular of which is Saw Palmetto. Saw Palmetto was discovered to be effective in lowering levels of hormones that are known to cause hair loss.

These are just some of the treatments available for men. They can help you preserve your youthful looks by either preventing thinning hair or stimulating hair growth. Choose the hair loss treatment for men that you think will work for you well or you can also combine a treatment or two.