Wednesday, February 17, 2010

mens hair loss

What To Do About Mens Hair Loss
By Matt Murren

Are you among the million of men who have experienced a receding hairline?? Perhaps you've had hair fall out in the bathroom?? Or it could be that you have had an accident, surgery, or something else that has caused you to lose hair?? In any event, mens hair loss is taken seriously by countless individuals who want to get their hair back, along with a renewed sense of confidence. Before doing this, we need to find out just why it is that you are losing your hair. If you can discover the causes, learn the treatments, and decide what's best for you, you may be able to conquer this issue.

To start with, you must take into account the importance of good hair habits. It is essential to hair health to avoid doing things such as brushing your hair too much, or washing your hair excessively. Even with attention paid to keeping the hair and scalp healthy, there are other things that could be tougher to avoid. One of the things that could potentially play a role in mens hair loss is smoking, though that has yet to be absolutely proven. Another thing that can certainly lead to the loss of hair is stress. It's unlikely that stress is a stranger to your daily existence - and given that hair is a living, growing part of your body, stress can do the same things it does to other areas on and in the body. Chemical intake may play some role in hair loss, as many products we use contain some chemicals that might harm your hair. Plus, fatty diets can be a key contributor to your hair loss.

Of course, your hair loss could be hereditary. This is often the case in the majority of mens hair loss sufferers - who are suffering from a condition known as male pattern baldness. Roughly 95% of men who are losing their hair are doing so due to this particular condition. If you have a relative who's got it, there's a good chance you will, also. If you are Caucasian, this increases the risk, as well. Male pattern baldness is said to be due to how testosterone levels behave in men - so treating this is key to addressing your loss of hair.

If you are suffering from mens hair loss, one thing that could be helpful in figuring out what to do is something referred to as the Norwood Scale. This is designed to map out the various stages of male pattern baldness in men. There are eight such stages - and if you fall into the Stage VIII category, then you are at the most severe level of male pattern baldness. Having this scale around is a helpful toll for you and your physician in determining your course of treatment. Such treatments might include hair replacement therapy or methods by which hair is surgically implanted into the scalp. In many cases, patients turn to treatments such as Rogaine, Provillus, and the like in order to take care of their concerns.

Whether you make the choice to get treated for your mens hair loss, or accept your loss of hair is up to you.