Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Woman's Choices For Hair Restoration - Surgery Or Laser Hair Brush

By Carol P Mason

Hair restoration surgery or hair re-growth by using a laser hair brush? Which method is best for a woman's hair loss condition? Solutions for balding and thinning are usually directed towards men. Although men do make up the majority of hair loss victims, women suffer thinning hair in bigger numbers than previously thought. Women now are tired of hiding the truth, and especially with internet access affording anonymity, they are seeking hair re-growth solutions in droves.

Forty percent of women have visible thinning and some loss by the time they are age forty. This can be devastating for a woman's emotional health as now more than ever so much importance is being placed on keeping our youthful looks, longer. Botox and plastic surgery is mainstream, and it seems everyone colors their hair and goes to the gym. Men can go with the new style of shaving their head, but for a woman, hairstyles are everything...but not too many can carry off a shaved head! Attractiveness starts with a silky, shiny healthy head of hair. The new laser light therapy in a laser hair brush may just be the answer.

Nearly 90% of balding men are candidates for hair restoration surgery. However, women are usually not good candidates for this choice. Most women have thinning that is called "diffuse hair loss". This type of scalp condition involves overall thinning in all areas of the scalp, including the sides and back of the head. These are the same areas that are used in hair restoration surgery as donor sites for transplantation to other areas. In male pattern baldness, just the top and front hair line loses hair. Therefore the sides and back of the head afford good harvesting areas for transplants. In female pattern baldness, however, these areas also have "diffuse hair loss", so there is not really a good place from which to get hair, as then these areas would become even thinner and the transplanted hair would most likely fall out anyway. Laser hair brushes provide a solution to thicken hair all over the head.

Women don't lose their frontal hairline, although it may still thin. Their face is still framed with hair and it is just the volume of healthy hair that they worry about. They need more volume of hair on the top of the head and in the back. Hair transplants don't do much for thinning hair, they just move hair from one spot to another. In the case of scarring, trauma, chemical burns, etc. of course it is a viable option.

The use of a laser hair brush and a system of proper shampoo, conditioner, vitamins and amino acid treatments can actually re-grow hair in dying follicles and thicken hair in follicles where the hair growth is stunted. The low level laser light in these hand held laser devices stimulates the follicles by bringing nutrients and increasing cellular activity. Hair that is growing in shorter and thinner will flourish. Follicles that have stopped producing hair will start their growth cycle again. A pre-cleansing treatment dissolves hair oils (sebum) that clogs follicles, and non-sudsing shampoo removes dirt and oils without leaving a residue on the hair shaft. Non-buildup conditioner smoothes each hair shaft yet leaves no sticky buildup that weighs down the hair. Amino acid nutrients are also an important addition to the process of laser hair re-growth. A shower filter to remove chlorine and heavy metals from shower water also promotes healthy hair by removing these items that clog follicles and damage hair and scalp tissue.

This entire package that comes under the category of low level laser light therapy (LLLT) is available from several reputable manufacturers. Although this technology has been around for many years in Europe and for ten or so in clinics around the United States, it is now available in a hand-held laser device that uses rechargeable batteries. The best laser comb or brush will have at least 17 diode lasers and a full money back guarantee. This laser hair brush can be taken with you anywhere you go for treatments of 15-20 minutes, three times a week. There is no prescription medication to be taken, no surgical procedures to undergo. It appears that this new use for laser technology is the safest and most convenient solution for a woman's thinning hair. If you are experiencing any form of hair loss, you should research a reputable manufacturer, and get started re-growing your thinning hair right now.

Carol is a freelance writer working in the healthcare industry for over 30 years. Her main interests are in promoting health care products that help men and women maintain their natural, youthful looks at any age. Her prime topic is the problem of hair loss, and strongly recommends the natural products available from Nutreve International Hair Therapy Systems.