Wednesday, February 17, 2010

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Looking For Non Surgical Hair Restoration Treatments?
By Heidi W.

Women love their hair, which is only natural because, it is what attracts the opposite sex, gives a woman her self esteem, and makes a face look pretty when it is framed with shiny, healthy hair. Some women do have a natural beauty and look just fine with a bald head, but for the majority of women, hair is a necessity to looking good. Maybe some would call it vanity, but it really is not. It is about her feelings of self worth. In cases where a woman begins starts to suffer from balding, trying a new non surgical hair restoration product will help tremendously.

Major breakthroughs are being discovered daily for non surgical hair restoration. Some women do not have the income, the health, nor the desire to undergo surgery so this is great news. Testosterone has been found guilty of causing baldness in men, and may even do the same in women who have higher levels of it than normal. There are now supplements available to counteract the testosterone levels and allow a woman to grow a full head of hair again. That is nothing short of miraculous.

Hair loss, or thinning of hair, can be caused by many reasons from nutritional to hormonal to a low immune system. No matter the reasons, Minoxidil has been tested and rated one of the best at stimulating regrowth. When hair follicles become plugged with a hormone called DHT, hair growth stops. Minoxidil unplugs the follicles allowing the hair to have its normal growth again. Of course with this treatment, it is very important to take vitamins, and especially the B vitamins which contain biotin, folic acid and niacin for thickening the hair, softening the skin and strengthening the fingernails.

An herb for treating female baldness has been studied and found to reduce the DHT which results from too much testosterone. Saw Palmetto is a safe, non surgical hair restoration aid which has been used on both men and women. In supplement form it is taken twice a day, and in oil form it is simply massaged into the scalp. After a couple of weeks, regrowth will be noticed in areas of the scalp where there was no hair.

Find a product which works for your hair and get back what was stolen so unfairly. Provillus regrowth formula is a great non surgical hair restoration treatment. This hair loss natural treatment can help prevent balding and promote new regrowth in both men and women.